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Teenager Leg Pain

May 18, 2009

LeT Me cOmE

Leg pain...

m a teenager...wenveva i wlk a bit 2 much..i get tremendous leg pain...i do not get ovr dis pain until i take sum i wud b rilli grateful if any of u can find a solution 2 dis..
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June 18, 2009


Did you check with doctor ?
You may want to check with doctor. However, you can ask this question in this community:
It might help.
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June 18, 2009


firstly check ur uric acid then scrap me i will solve ur problem
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June 19, 2009


Dear LeT Me cOmE,
1. From the description you have given and considering your age Group (Teenager) it appears to me to be a clear case of STRESS FRACTURE. Wiki link:-
2. This is very common in young people who overstretch physically, military recruits (especially those weaker on the physical side) and athletes who practice much beyond their limits . . .
3. Do the following:-
a) Do not overstretch the affected leg till fully cured. Curb / Reduce / If necessary totally refrain from any physical activity which aggravates the pain.
b) Do kapalbhati & Anulom Vilom 15+15 mins in the morning and evening initially. This will get you general Good Health. It will also enable the body to get nutrients through regular food and remove deficiencies. Take Patanjali Yogpeeth chyawanprash, if you feel weak or stressed.
c) Start doing Surya Namaskar when you feel better. Increase the number as you progress only very slowly. It will take less than 5 Mins. Continue Pranayam.
d) Start doing Asan as taught by Swami Ramdev (12 Asans). It will take about 10 mins. Continue Pranayam.
e) Your leg will be fully cured. Continue Pranayam. You will never have stress fracture again.
4. I can say this with the authority of my own first hand experience as a cadet in the National Defence Academy, Pune. I have been through it, seen the Best orthopedic surgeons in India to No avail.
5. Para 3 above is the best Solution. At age 40, it enabled me to stand first in a 5 km Practice Run in a group of few hundred jawans of Indian Army most of whom were about half my age, say 19 to 27 years.
Kiran Patil

Where to Focus Our Mind while doing Pranayam

June 15, 2009

I don`t have a

Hi There , Kiran Ji

I want to know that where to focus our mind while doing prnayam ,

I have heard while doing kapal bhati we should focus it on forehead ?
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June 15, 2009


Where to concentrate while doing pranayam?

Can we discuss . . .

As Swamiji says (Today’s Discourse – Not live) there are four aspects of Pranayam (Yog). (Excact words - Pranayam ke char paksh hain – kriyatmak,, Bhavatmak,, Gnyanatmak aur Adhyatmak )These are :-
a) Physical (Kriyatmak)
b) Emotional (Bhavatmak)
c) Intellectual (Gyanatmak)
d) Spiritual (Adhyatmak)


Let me explain. . . Not just Pranayam, but every action has results / benefits at different levels. A physical action has physical results . . . An action with the mind has creative results . . . .

Anyone can take a hammer and chisel and work on a stone. A mere physical action will chisel the stone. If the aim is to chisel (chip) the stone . . . it is achieved.

A sculptor working on a stone will work at two levels . . .with hands (physical) to chisel the stone and . . . with his mind (Emotional and intellectual level) . . . to create a sculpture . . .

To a casual observer it may appear that both are working with the same tools (hammer and chisel) . . . but results are different . . . One is a simple chiseled stone . . . One is a beautiful piece of art . . A CREATIVE RESULT . . . .

Your question essentially translates into “What are the mind tools that the sculptor is using and how is he using it? ” or in your case “WHAT ARE THE MIND TOOLS THAT I SHOULD USE DURING PRANAYAM TO OBTAIN BENEFITS AT OTHER LEVELS BRINGING IN CREATIVE, INTELLECTUAL OR SPIRITUAL RESULTS?”

Concentration is one of the Mind Tools that you have suggested and asked how to use it . . .
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Please comment on this before we proceed further . . . .
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Kiran patil
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June 17, 2009

I don`t have a

Hi Kiran

Anybody can clearly see the intellectual effect of Pranayam in your case(writings) ,
again I`m not as good as you are in explaining but I will try to wing it anyway by concentrating during pranayam .

Yeah , I do understand your example but I don`t think it was directly related to my question or [ if related then sorry I dont have enough capacity to think about that and I know that brain will not understand anything, not because it is a brain, but because it is not there anymore ... ]

Concentration is the mind tool but again the question is where to concentrate ?

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June 17, 2009


Dear I dont have a,

Absolutely right. As ~¤ÞŮŧ¤~ (Paras) has said, concentrate on what you are doing i. e. While doing kapalbhati, just concentrate on doing it correctly. Nowhere else.

As Swamiji likes to keep things very simple, let us keep it that way.


Anulom Vilom - Eyesight Improvement

June 17, 2009


does anulom vilom pranayam remove spectacles...have anybody seen the results..plz let me know
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June 17, 2009


To Ramya's querry -

Yes Anulom Vilom keeps the eyes in good health and removes spectacles. Many people who had lost most of their vision, have restored it (their vision) with Anulom Vilom.

In the morning, fill your mouth with fresh water and wash your eyes with fresh water by splashing water on them with your hands. Then throw out the water in your mouth. This will remove the dark circles under your eyes and freshen them up.

kiran patil

one of my nostril(left/right) gets blocked

June 16, 2009

sir i am unable to do amulom vilom properly because one of my nostril(left) gets blocked as soon as i start doing it. any advice plz?
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June 16, 2009



This is very common for all who start Pranayam regularly. Actually it (One nostril block) is always there. Just that you do not realize it till you do Pranayam.

Right nostril breathing is linked to the right side of the body - the Pingla or the Surya Nadi, which is to the right of the spinal cord.

Left nostril breathing is linked to the Left side of the body - the Ida or the Chandra Nadi which is to the left of the spinal cord.

Normally when you breathe there is a breathing pattern. You breathe alternately with right nostril for about 45 mins and then with left nostril for about 45 mins. It becomes balanced before changeover in between. You will realise it once you become aware of your own breathing. It is natural. It means that most breathing takes place through either right or left with very little from the other nostril. Left nostril breathing is linked to the right brain activity and vice versa. Hence it also means that either your right brain (the intuitive) or your left brain (the logical) is dominant alternatively. Anulom Vilom will actually balance your breathing and your mind - the intuitive and logical. You will realise it only when you do Anulom Vilom.

In the morning you may find that a particular nostril - left or right is stubbornly blocked and you dont have cold or sinus or any other problem. Yet it is blocked.

After a few days / weeks, you can change the breathing pattern at will.

For quick progress do this :-
a) Do Bhasrika for longer time than usual before Anulom Vilom.

b) Do Surya Namaskar or Yogic jogging. As you run out of breath Both nostrils open up.

kiran Patil

How much Pranayam I do? and why do I teach?

June 14, 2009


How many u do daily kiranji daily?
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June 14, 2009


Dear Friend Manoj,

You may be wondering that I may be only talking and not doing anything practically.

Almighty (Parameshwar), my family and my work has been kind to me that I manage two hours in the morning 5 to 7 am. Totally without break or disturbance. Thank God.

Evening - Much as I wish to do Pranayam in the evening also, invariably work or other commitments take over. Only occasionally I am lucky.

In response to Swamiji's call for giving Guru-Dakshina by teaching Yog, I wanted to take that on. But finding suitable and convenient outlet for direct teaching was not working out immediately.

Hence the net! I am pretty happy though! Meet great people like you.

kiran patil

Sheetali and Seetkari Pranayam

June 13, 2009

Shil@ can't live


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June 14, 2009


To Shil@ cant live's querry

Yes, Today Swamiji taught very briefly both Sheetali and Seetkari Pranayam to a congregation of Yog Teachers.

First and foremost these are NOT the core group of Pranayam. As Swami ji says This is “May Know “ type and NOT in the “Must Know” category.

Sheetali Pranayam
What you must remember is :-
a) Posture - Padmasan Sidhasan or Sukhasan. Hands on knees.
b) Duration - 8 -10 times a day.
c) Those with kaf dosha (prone to ailments of cold like asthma, tonsilitis etc) should NOT practice this.
d) Since this Pranayam cools the body, practice generally in summers.

Procedure – Breathe in through the mouth with tongue folded from the sides like a tube taking in air. Close mouth. Teeth and tongue position to normal. Breathe out through nostrils.
(May hold breath briefly, may apply Jalandhar Bandh while holding breath)

Benefits – a) Cures ailments of mouth, tongue and throat.
b) Lowers BP, Purifies blood, Cures acidity – Summer specific ailments.
c) Cools body.

Seetkari Pranayam
What you must remember is :-
a) Posture - Padmasan Sidhasan or Sukhasan. Hands on knees.
b) Duration - 8 -10 times a day.
c) Those with kaf dosha (prone to ailments of cold like asthma, tonsilitis etc) should NOT practice this.
d) Since this Pranayam cools the body, practice generally in summers.

Procedure – Breathe in through the teeth gap ( teeth touching each other) with tongue folded back and touching the mouth inside top. Close mouth. Teeth and tongue position to normal. Breathe out through nostrils.

(May hold breath briefly, may apply Jalandhar Bandh while holding breath)

Benefits – a) All benefits of Sheetali.
b) Cures teeth infections like pyorrhia.
c) Cools body. Helps lowering BP only if practised 50-60 times.

What I have found is, if you experience excess heat in the body – even due to Pranayam – you may do it to cool your body down.

kiran patil
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Anulom Vilom - The Crowning Pranayam

June 12, 2009


Anulom Vilom

Can you please tell me if Anulom Vilom can be done for 20 minutes for 2 times in a
day - morning & evening or are there any side effects ?
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June 12, 2009



Anulom Vilom is the crowning pranayam among the set of Eight Pranayam that Swami ji teaches.

First and foremost there is NO side effect of any Pranayam. There are only precautions when Breath is held (as in Bahya Pranayam). Therefore there are NO side effects in practising Anulom Vilom as taught by Swamiji

What you must remember is :-
a) Posture must be correct - Padmasan Sidhasan or Sukhasan
b) Empty stomach in the morning - Best time Brahma Muhurt 4 am to Sunrise say 6 am
c) At least 3-4 hours after meals at other times.
d) Dont practice in moving vehicles etc.

Swamiji says 15 + 15 mins for Anulom Vilom (amongst others) for all. For those having physical / mental disorders or problems he recommends 30 + 30 mins = 1 hr of Anulom Vilom. What Swamiji says is that time is the only constraint as we have to do all our other work also!

Swamiji recommends 2.5 seconds for inhaling and 2.5 seconds for exhaling - thus taking 10 seconds for one cycle of Anulom Vilom. i.e. six per minute. For those seeking higher achievements (like kundalini jagruti . . self realisation . . reaching your highest potential . . . . highest creativity . . .) Swamiji recommends 250 to 500 cycles of Anulom Vilom i.e about 42 to 85 mins a day.

Pranayam (Anulom Vilom) first cures your physical ailments and Removes all negative thoughts . . . . Then it improves memory and intellect . . . understanding / grasping power . . unusual links . . . intuition . . serendipity . .

Then it enhances the positive effects of the chakras and endocrine glands under its influence . . . Tej and Oj . . A conspicuous glow on the face and in the eyes . . Outflow of Positive energy . . . inspiring instant respect and calmness in others . .

Then as you progress it transforms your personality . . . Inner peace . . . Extreme calm in all situations . . . Inner happiness . . . . Unlimited but non-agressive energy . . . Fearlessness . . . natural leadership . .

kiran patil
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That was a real good info Kiran..

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wow--thanks for the info. kiran ji-


Asan or Pranayam? - Importance and Sequence

June 16, 2009


Asana or pranayam

I m a little doubtful about the sequence , should pranaym be done first or the asanas.
Plz guide.
Also as for Surya namaskar , are there any restrictions for the number of surya namaskars to be done for women
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Jun 16, 2009

busy kiran


This is what Swami Ramdev says (for all who are healthy) in mixed congregations of Men and Women -

a) What should be done -

12 Surya namaskar,
12 Yogic jogging sequences,
12 Asans,
5 mins Bhasrika, 15 + 15 mins kapal Bhati & Anulom Vilom, 11 times Bhramri, 5 times Ujjayi, 5 times Bahya Pranayam, 3 times Nadi Shudhi, 11 times Udgith, - Total 8 Pranayam

12 Smuksha Vyayam in between to relax / stretch - e.g. Butterfly while doing kapal Bhati.
Bhartiya dand, Tadasan, Simhasan, and Hasyasan.

Total 60.

b) Time - All these will take 1 hr and 15 mins.

c) Sequence - Swamiji does not follow or suggest any fixed sequence. In fact he varies the sequence. What is sequential is the Pranayam - Bhasrika - Kapal Bhati - Bahya - Anulom Vilom - Bhramri - Ujjayi - Udgith - Nadi Shudhi (Rarely shown on TV)

d) Restrictions - Pregnant women should do Anulom Vilom Pranayama and should NOT do Bahya and Kapal Bhati. I have not heard or read Swamiji restricting women for any of the above during periods.

Of these Most imp are Pranayam (out of these kapal Bhati Anulom Vilom V V Imp) followed by Surya namaskar (because it includes most Asans), 12 Asans, 12 Yogic jogging.

There are some changes in above for youth and children.

kiran patil
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Thanks Kiran
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busy kiran


Sorry. One Imp thing left out.

Swamiji always begins his discourse with Mantra jap once each.

This is sequential -

Patanjali - Yogen Chitasya . . .
Gayatri Mantra . .
MahaMrityunjay Mantra . . .
Om Sahana Vavatu . . .
Om Asato Ma Sadgamay . . .
Shanti Path . . . .

All these take less than 2 mins.

kiran patil

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Correct Food Habits for Balanced Body Weight, Beauty and Long Life

May 23, 2009


I have this problem of overeating due to stress .. I have put on lot of weight .. which pranayam should i do & for how long ?

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June 14, 2009


I saw this post in the forum and thought I will respond, even though late. Yes, Having the correct body weight is very important for one’s own self confidence and personality.

Essentially the body stores excess fat around the midribs, waist and thighs which results in unwanted weight gain. This apart from giving ungainly look causes number of physical disorders as well. It is in fact an indication of unsound health in general. Therefore this should be treated as a physical disorder and not a mere cosmetic issue. The issue of excess weight is related to overall health and I will go full length in my reply. Pl bear with me.

Swamiji says do Kapalbhati to lose fat from the midribs.

What you must remember is :-
a) Best results – Do Kapalbhati 30+ 30 mins = Total 1 hr daily (morning + evening).
b) For balanced results do Anulom Vilom normally 10+ 10 mins = Total 20 mins.

Swamiji has given out set of exercises as below :-
a) Lying position on back, circle with one leg by fully stretching it, clockwise 5 times, then anticlockwise 5 times. Repeat with other leg.
b) Repeat the above ex with both legs together.
c) Standing position, hands on waist, move the body from side to side bending from waist. And others . . .

CDs/ DVDs/ You tube are all available.

Whereas Pranayam and exercises as above should take care of weight (Fat) loss in most cases, Healthy Living and some small precautions or minor changes to lifestyle settings will bring you to perfection. The efforts in Pranayam will then be more creative / prolific.

Diet for Fat Loss
Swamiji and Acharya Balkrishna often quote from Charak Samhita. Shri Rajeev Dixit (Swamiji’s close associate in Bharat Swabhiman) was a scientist by profession and has done diligent research on Charak Samhita and Vagbhatt Sutras (Vagbhatt had painstakingly tested Charak Samhita for over fifty years and formulated his 7000 Vagbhatt Sutras on healthy living. Shri Rajeev Dixit has, (with the help of renowned Ayurvedacharyas living today) chosen 15 Most Important Sutras for Modern Healthy Living.
Out of these 15 Sutras I will outline three below for Fat and Excess Weight Loss in particular and absolute Good Health in general :-

a) Intake of Food
How many times - Two or Three times daily as proper meals.
When - First meal within 2½ hrs after sunrise i.e. Finish it by 9:00 a.m. (if 6:30 is the sunrise), Gap of 4-6 hrs between meals. Last meal before sunset.
How much Quantity - First meal – Eat well to your satisfaction. Next meal quantity 2/3rd of the first and last (third) meal ½ of the Second meal i.e. 1/3rd of First meal.
Food Contents – Maximum fruits, vegetables, dal, then chapati or roti, minimum rice.
Food preparation – Food should be consumed within 48 mins of its preparation. Food must be prepared in a kitchen where sunlight and circulating air contacts food while under preparation. Exception - Eat pickles which contain jeera, dhaniya, ajwain, souf, methi, dalchini, lawang, hing, adrak sunth etc.
Take cow milk, Desi ghee from cow milk, dahi.
NO refined oil, NO sugar.
Eat reddish gud, minimum chilli.
Non meal Times – If you feel hungry eat groundnuts (pl note desi moongphali and not imported peanuts which is number one allergen) and gud.
Explanatory Notes
This study done over 50 years by the Great Sage Vagbhatt almost 3500 years ago takes into account the method of preparation of food, the times of consumption, the quantities related to times, combination of foods and so on . . . . and has no parallel . . .
For a balanced body weight and good health, correct digestion of food is far more important than the food itself.
The digestive system is controlled automatically by the subconscious mind. i.e. it is not under our conscious control. A body will store fat and not let it go if it finds that it is not getting enough nutrients on a regular basis – i.e. carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals and – There are 18 of them.
Therefore if you eat and digest enough nutrients, body will release the fat automatically.
It is not enough to just eat the nutrients, it is important that these nutrients must be readily digested.
Vagbhatt says that any food which cannot be digested for whatever reason is a poison to be eliminated and the body spends energy just to throw it out . . . .
Just like the digestive system, the body weight control (i.e. accumulation and removal of fat) is also a function of the subconscious mind. If the body gets enough nutrients on a regular basis it will release the accumulated fat . . .as a part of its routine program . . . .

Now let us understand the specific points -
1) First meal within 2½ hrs – There is a best time of functioning for every organ or system of the body. For the digestive system it is upto 2½ hours after sunrise. Sun and Moon movements control the cycles of human organs and systems as with all living beings in nature. Therefore what you eat within 2½ hours after sunrise is very well digested.
2) Last meal before sunset – In nature except for nocturnal beings like owls, bats, some carnivores no living being eats after sunset. The intake cannot be digested and is mostly a poison to be eliminated.
3) Sunlight and circulating air contacts food while under preparation – This is very important as the nutrients are retained only under such condition. For e.g. Only 13% nutrients are retained in a dal prepared in a pressure cooker (no sunlight no air circulation) as opposed to 87 % food cooked normally (i.e. without pressure cooker). The percentage increases to 97% for food cooked in earthen pots. In any case dal cooked in a pressure cooker does not get cooked – it gets crushed and softens with pressure – but does not get cooked and hence difficult to digest. Hence NO pressure cooker. Also No aluminum coking or serving pots as these create poisons that affect health. Incidently Dal cooked in regular Bartan has Great taste! Change Dals regularly – like Arhar, Mong, Urid etc for variety and nutrient contents.
- Do NOT use Soya Bean (soybean) as this has extremely complex proteins which human body cannot digest. It basically a food for pigs / livestock for meat in Europe and USA. For e.g. 98% of Soybean produced in US is used for this. It is promoted as a health food in third world countries like India for human consumption.
4) Food be consumed within 48 mins of its preparation – Nutrients content falls drastically after 48 mins of preparation. Hence no frozen food. No stale food like bread, pizza etc. No reheating of food kept in freeze. All these are of No use to the body – Only waste to be eliminated – Reason - negligible Nutrients.
5) Pickles Essential Ingredients – Jeera, dhaniya, ajwain, souf, methi, dalchini, lawang, hing, haldi, adrak, sunth etc which form ingredients of a standard pickle have ayurvedic medicinal properties. These medicinal properties are enhanced in the process of mauring of pickle. Such pickles may be consumed in normal quantities. These must be used in vegetables in quantities as required.
6) Cow milk, Desi ghee of cow milk – Home made ghee is the best. Market ghee is invariably adulterated. Sage Vagbhatt recommends buffalo milk for pahilwans (Those competing physically). Also buffalo milk being more commercially prevalent is adulterated with lime, soda, POP, atta, powder etc.
7) NO refined oil – About 6-7 harmful and dangerous chemicals are used in the “refining” process. Double refined oils use almost double 12- 13 chemicals. These, apart from the effects on cholesterol and triglycerides, cause harm to our body. Use desi cow ghee or clean and filtered oil from ghana, if possible. Pure oil is sticky and has distinct odor – but it is best for health. Refining process removes these basic qualities of pure and filtered oil. Use Sarso, Teel or groundnut oil alternatively for two-three months at a stretch.
8) Fruits and Vegetables – Today, please remember that most of the fruits (especially high value ones like grapes, apples, mangoes) and vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, bhindi, tomatoes and exotic ones like broccoli, Shimla mirch etc are heavily sprayed with pesticides and administered chemical fertilizers, which make them harmful and NOT helpful. In India there is no certification or any requirements for pesticides and chemical content. As a practicing farmer, I know what is happening. Even exported items have harmful chemicals and pesticides and are masked with other chemicals. (MNCs like Syngenta. Bayer, Dow, Du Pont, Monsanto etc are the chief villains!)

So please eat non fancy vegetables and fruits like lauki, gawar, tondli, (local names) methi, palak, cucumber, gauva, jamun, ber, banana etc to which nobody bothers to spray pesticides or feed chemical fertilizers being low value. A good way to recognize fruits and vegetables is – freshness, uneven shape (Not look factory made) and natural colors (Not picture perfect). Remember nature makes things differently - For e.g. - people look different and not factory made.

9) No sugar – It is basically harmful for the body. Eat reddish brown coloured gud instead in any preparation of sweets. White gud is adulterated with washing powder and hence looks white. People go after it like they go after sugar or anything white! (especially white skin).
Thus the above diet gives complete nutrients to our body in a form and manner in which it can be easily digested while avoiding all poisonous / harmful intakes.
This is the First Sutra.

b) Intake of Water
1) About 3-4 liters of water daily.
2) Out of this - 1½ to 2 litres before first meal and one litre between each meal.
3) Out of this - Drink 1 litre of lukewarm water first thing in the morning before brushing or gargling. Other times take normal room temp water or from matka.
4) No freeze water.
5) Most Imp – No water for 1½ hr after meal. Water to be taken between 40 mins to 1 hr before meal.
Explanatory Notes
1) No water for 1½ hr after meal. Water to be taken between 40 mins to 1 hr before meal – Food after eating moves to a chamber called stomach (Jathar in Hindi). There it comes under the influence of enzymes and gastric juices (acidic in nature).when food is broken down due to chemical reaction. Drinking water dilutes the enzymes and gastric juices and lowers its temp. The digestion does not takes place. The food starts to decay, gases are formed and elimination begins. Thus although you may have taken nutritious food, actually it will not be digested. The Great sage Vagbhatt says “Drinking water immediately after a meal acts like a poison”
2) You may take 2-3 sips of water during the meal when changing over course – say chapati to rice etc.

3) Drink 1 litre of lukewarm water first thing in the morning before brushing or gargling – Saliva contains electrolytes, anti bacterial compounds and enzymes. These are in the highest concentration in the morning. These should not be gargled away but consumed with lukewarm water. It helps in cleansing the digestive system. By the way it also gives a perfect and flawless skin.
A word about Quality of water
There is no company in India (MNC or Indian) which sells water purifiers/ filters matching WHO standards for drinking water. In any case WHO says that best quality of water is achieved by boiling and then allowing it to cool down rather than any purification technique known today. Best Method – Filter through regular candle filter to remove sediments. Then boil the water at night. Cool overnight. Good for drinking the next day.
This is the Second Sutra.

c)Physical Exercise (Shrama)
Vaghbhatt who himself lived for 135 years before taking Samadhi says physical exercise for all upto 60 years of age. You may do yogic jogging for 15 mins daily as taught by Swamiji. Those who wish to lose fat quickly may do it for 15+15 mins daily (morn- even).
This is the Third Sutra.

These may appear complex or difficult, but in reality they are very simple to follow, once you understand the logic.

Link for original Rajeev Dixit Talk –
It is a set of 8 Talks. Listen on

kiran patil
signing off . . . .

Thursday, June 25, 2009

yoga for pregnant women-second trimester

June 7, 2009


yoga for pregnant women-second trimester

Can I get a detailed description of the different yogs that can be done in second trimester of pregnancy?and those which shdnot be done.

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June 7, 2009


Swami Ramdev says -

a) Do Anulom Vilom and Udgeeth (Omkar recitation) - right till the eighth month.

This ensures best functioning of all the systems - nervous, respiratory, circulatory, endocrine etc for the prospective Mother.

It also ensures a physically strong and mentally healthy baby.

It also ensures smooth delivery.

If the postures like padmasan or sidhasan are difficult try Sukhasan (simple folded legs sitting posture). support the back if necessary or sit on a chair with firm backrest.

Do it in small packages ensuring comfort levels. Do not attempt for longer duration.

b) Do NOT do/ attempt Kapal Bhati.

There are a DVDs available at Patanjali chikitsalayas.

As always keep things very simple. Thnx.

kiran patil
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June 10, 2009


do not try to attempt kapalbhati and bahya pranayam..

u can do bhastrika, anulom vilom, bhramari, udgeeth and aum ka dhyan.. but with soundless breathing ..

you can find the video "baba ramdev - yoga for pregnant woman" on youtube for more detail.
- - - - - - - - - - -
June 11, 2009


Thanks a lot everybody.


Jun 10, 2009
i am suffering from psoriasis since last 10years,iam practising pranayams...whether it i curable, iam from kerala so iam not able to get babas medicine,i heard that its very effective so pls help me to get it anybody pls................
- - - - - - - -
Dear Srinivas,
1. Take heart. There are literally hundreds of patients whose Psoriasis has been cured by following Swami Ramdev's Pranayama alone.
2. You can do Pranayam by the following means:-
a) Watch Aastha channel in the morning 5:00 am IST onwards to 7:30 am. [Best. Even if you dont understand Hindi it is very simple . . . Just do what Baba does. . . ]
b) Watch CD/ DVD/ You tube of Swami Ramdev and follow instructions - very simple
c) Go to nearest Patanjali Yogpeeth center and consult Patanjali Yogpeeth TRAINED Yog teacher. Please note that Baba's method is The Simplest and Most Effective. So dont just go to any yog Teacher.
3. For curing Psoriasis take the following medicines from Patanjali Chikitsalaya or order by courrier:-
a) Divya kayakalp Kwath - Put one spoon of kwath (Medicine) in 400 gms of water . Boil till only 100 gms of water remain. Drink this water before morning breakfast and evening meal.
b) Divya kayakalp oil - For application on affected skin. Twice a day.
or as directed by a Patanjali Chikitsalaya Doctor(Vaidya).
4. Here is the link to order medicines by courier from Patanjali Yog Peeth, Haridwar -
This will work out. Thnx.
kiran patil
Jun 6, 2009
only kapalbhati
will it cause any trouble suppose if i do only kapal bhati 15 min and bhahya 5 times daily.
coz i find it hard to do anulom vilom , i am not comfortable with that somehow i dont know
- - - - - -

Jun 6, 2009
Dear Friend,

Kapalbhati effects the lower four chakras namely - Muladhar, Swadhistan, Manipur and Anahat. Thus Kapalbhati controls and facilitates systems like the respiratory, digestive, reproductive, urinary etc in the lower part of the body as also the glands like liver, pancreas, gall bladder etc and keeps all these in a perfect state of health. There are also psychological and indirect physiological benefits [for eg - correct functioning of the reproductive glands also effects growth of beard in men and breast in women thereby enhancing self worth and confidence] associated with kapal Bhati.

Anulom Vilom on the other hand effects the upper four chakras namely - Hriday, Vishuddha, Agya and Sahasrar. Thus it controls and facilitates systems like the respiratory, circulatory, nervous etc in the upper part of the body as also the glands like thyroid, pineal, pituitary etc and keeps all these in a perfect state of health. These are the most vital systems and glands in our body that affect almost every activity in the body and mind.

Thus you can see that Swami Ramdev has simplified the Ashtang Yog / pranayamas to two basic ones - Kapal Bhati and Anulom Vilom. As is obvious Anulom Vilom is not just essential but VITAL for YOUR OVERALL and HOLISTIC HEALTH.

You can try Anulom Vilom by the following means:-

a) Watch Aastha channel in the morning 5:00 am IST onwards.

b) Watch CD/ DVD/ You tube of Swami Ramdev and follow instructions - very simple

c) Go to nearest Patanjali Yogpeeth centre and consult Patanjali Yogpeeth TRAINED Yog teacher. Please note that Baba's method is The Simplest and Most Effective. So dont just go to any yog Teacher.

d) If there is a physical difficulty in doing Anulom Vilom, consult Patanjali Chikisalay.

Also if you find difficulty in postures like Sidhasan or Padmasan (which are recommended by Swamiji) you may do it in Sukhasan or simply in a sitting posture on chair.

I suppose if you can do Bahya (a much difficult pranayam where you hold the breath outside) kapalbhati is much easier to do . . . No holding of breath . .

Bahya is essentailly for the higher achievements in the spiritual field or for kundalini jagruti. Anulom Vilom is good for well being as also for spiritual growth as also for kundalini jagruti . . .

In nutshell what Baba says is the Best. . . 5 mins of Bhasrika . . . 15 mins of Kapal Bhati . . . 15 mins of Anulom Vilom . . . . 3 to 21 times Bahya . . . .3 to 21 times Bhramari, Udgith . . . 5 times Ujjayi . . .

Thanx anyway. . . Hope this is of some use . . . .\

kiran patil
- - - - - -

Jun 6, 2009
thnks for all u r ccomments ,i will as u have directed

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Swami Ramdev Says



I am a follower of Swami Ramdev's Pranayam & Yog. I have immensely benefited from the Pranayam taught by Swamiji on TV. I have NOT spent a single dime for these invaluable physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual benefits. Just when a thought occurred in my mind as to how to repay back (If ever such a thing was possible), I heard Swamiji say on TV that the Best Guru-Dakshina (Pay Back by students to their Guru since Vedic times in Bharat) was to teach Yog and spread his message to everyone.

As finding a suitable place and time to physically teach Yog was not working out immediately, I decided to teach Yog via Blog.

As taught by Swami Ramdev and out of my my own experience:-

I will teach Yog for free to anyone and everyone.

I will answer all questions about Yog.

I will answer all health related queries.


kiran patil